E-CRIME appointed an Independent Ethics Board (IEB) composed of three external ethics experts.

The role of the Independent Ethics Board was to scrutinise the relevant project deliverables from an ethics perspective, and monitor and advise on ethical concerns raised by the project.

The Independent Ethics Board comprised three external, independent members, possessing a range of expertise, relevant to ethics and e-crime, from different stakeholder organisations, such as industry, university and research organisations.

The following are the three ethical experts of E-CRIME.

  • Mr. Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Cofounder & Board Member – SECURESPHERE by EPITA, Board Member – Videntifier Technologies, Managing Partner – SOCOGI
  • Dr. Reinhard Kreissl, Director, Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology (IRKS)
  • Prof Paul De Hert, Director,  Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Tilburg University


Jean-Christophe Le Toquin is a Cofounder & Board Member of SECURESPHERE by EPITA, a Board Member for Videntifier Technologies, and Managing Partner at SOCOG. SECURESPHERE by EPITA builds and delivers trainings to help its clients implement cybersecurity into their business operations; from awareness sessions to in-depth technical courses, as well as training modules for companies to make their business more secure.  As member of the Board of Directors for Videntifier, Jean-Christophe in charge of Information Governance & Responsibility, advising the company in its development as an industry leader in large-scale database management in image and video fingerprinting. As Managing Partner at SOCOGI Jean-Christophe helps clients integrate cybersecurity into their business strategy, whether they need cybersecurity or they provide cybersecurity products and services.

Dr. Reinhard Kreissl is a sociologist who has published extensively on theoretical criminology. He is the co-editor of Kritische Kriminologie in der Diskussion (Opladen, 1996) and has authored several articles on social control, public security and welfare state theory. He wrote his habilitation on legal aspects of public order policing and has contributed to and managed several research projects. Dr. Kreissl has been a fellow at the Hanse Institute of Advanced Studies and is currently the scientific director at IRKS. He was a member of the European Security Research Innovation Forum (ESRIF) and is now member of the Security Advisory Group of the European Commission and a member of the Police-Human-Rights team of the Austrian Ministry of Interior. Dr. Kreissl is employed at the IRKS since 2008 and is the co-ordinator of the FP-7 projects IRISS and ASSERT.

Paul De Hert is an international human rights expert working on technology & privacy law. He is director of the VUB-Research group on Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalism and of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law, and core member of LSTS (Research Group on Law Science Technology & Society). At the internationally renowned Institute of Law and Technology at the Tilburg University (TILT) he holds a position as an associated-professor. Paul De Hert is an international human rights expert. The bulk of his work is devoted, but not limited, to criminal law and technology & privacy law. In Brussels, Paul De Hert holds the chair of ‘Criminal Law’, ‘International and European Criminal Law’ and ‘Historical introduction to eight major constitutional systems’. In the past he has held the chair of ‘Human Rights’, ‘Legal theory’ and ‘Constitutional criminal law’.  Paul is also a member of the editorial boards of several national and international scientific journals such as the Inter-American and European Human Rights Journal (Intersentia), Criminal Law & Philosophy (Springer). He is co-editor in chief of the Supranational Criminal Law Series (Intersentia) and of the New Journal of European Criminal Law (Intersentia).

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