A key aspect of E-CRIME was the involvement of stakeholders and end users in the project. With this in mind, E-CRIME established a stakeholder forum composed of representatives from key non-ICT sectors and ISPs and communication networks, law enforcement, cyber security, legal, civil, insurance and governmental organisations from the Member States across the geographic range of the EU.

The E-CRIME stakeholder forum acted as an advisory body for the consortium, in particular on matters of the scientific embedding and policy relevance of the E-CRIME project. It supported the consortium partners to guarantee both scientific excellence and policy relevance. The purpose with the formation of a stakeholder forum was also to adequately ensure that various stakeholders input and access was properly assured.

A selection of the membership of the E-CRIME Stakeholder Forum:

Sefano Mele

Stefano MELE

Position: Lawyer – ICT, Privacy, Security & Intelligence Legal Department of Carnelutti Law Firm

Expertise: ICT Law, Data Protection, Intelligence & Security

Stefano Mele is “Of Counsel” to the Italian Carnelutti Law Firm, where his practice focuses on Technology, Privacy, Information Management and Intelligence Law.

He holds a PhD from the University of Foggia.

Stefano Mele lives and works in Milan, where he advises large companies, including multinationals, on legal issues involving Privacy and Data Protection, Internet and Computer Crimes, e-commerce and Digital marketing, Cloud Computing and Web services 2.0, Banking and Electronic Health Services.

He also cooperates with the Department of Legal Informatics at the Faculty of Law of the University of Milan.

Stefano Mele is an expert in cyber-security, cyber-intelligence, cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare.

He is Research Director on “Cyber-security & Cyber-Intelligence” of the Italian Military Centre for Strategic Studies (Ce.Mi.S.S.) of the Italian Ministry of Defense.

He is Director of the “InfoWarfare and Emerging Technologies” Observatory of the Italian Institute of Strategic Studies ‘Niccolò Machiavelli’.

He is a lecturer for several universities and military research institutions of the Italian MoD and NATO.

In 2014, NATO has included him in its list of Key Opinion Leaders for Cyberspace Security.

In 2014, Forbes has included him in the best 20 worldwide Cyber Policy Experts to follow online.

Stefano Mele has also authored several academic papers and articles, and provided legal and strategic insights on specialized magazines and websites on cyber-security, cyber-intelligence, cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare topics.

















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