There were a number of events organised and conducted as part of the E-CRIME project, including technical meetings, reviews, workshops and a final conference.  These are listed below.



      • 22 May 2017: The Final Project Review Meeting was held in Brussels with the primary focus on Work Packages 7 & 8, undertaken during the second and third years of the E-CRIME project.



      • 21 March 2017: London, United Kingdom – ECRIME ran a ‘train the trainer’ workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies from across Europe to present them the ECRIME: Protect, Prevent, Prepare training programme developed to exploit the project’s key outputs. This was run as a one-day closed workshop.


      • 31 August 2016: Salzburg, Austria – ECRIME ran a number of sessions within the ARES EU Project Symposium on Wednesday 31 August. This Symposium was part of the wider ARES Conference (International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security) running from August 31 to September 2, 2016.


      • 27 June 2016: The Second Annual Project Review Meeting was held in Brussels with the primary focus on Work Packages 4, 5 & 6, undertaken during the second year of the E-CRIME project.


      • 30 May 2016: The ECRIME consortium held a validation workshop, hosted by The University of Lausanne, in Switzerland, on 30 May 2016. This workshop validated the opportunities identified by the research consortium for deterring and combatting cyber crime across multiple sectors. Invitees to this workshop included: the E-CRIME Staekeholder Forum, EU and Member State decision makers, sector stakeholders, enforcement agencies, academia and industry.


      • 25 & 26 January 2016: A validation workshop and a project technical meeting, both hosted by Technische Universiteit Delft, was held in The Hague, Netherlands, during the last week of January 2016. The first day comprised a workshop, primarily for validating the economic model of the impact of cyber crime on non-ICT sectors with expert members of the E-CRIME Stakeholder Forum. The second day comprised a consortium technical meeting focussed on: (a) integrating the comments from the first day; (b) the ongoing work of identifying opportunities for deterring and combatting cyber crime (work package 7); and (c) preparation for the enhancement of sector specific risk management counter-measures (work package 8). During the course of the validation workshop we also hosted a number of other projects, funded either directly by the Commission or other EU Member States. These projects were invited as they complemented the work being undertaken in ECRIME, focusing on selected elements of financial cybercrime that resonated with the workshop audience.


      • 11 June 2015: The First Annual Project Review Meeting was held in Brussels where the primary focus was on Work Packages 2 & 3 which were both concluded during the first year of the E-CRIME project.



      •  26 & 27 May 2014: E-CRIME held its kick-off meeting in London, United Kingdom. The meeting was attended by all partners.



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