By synthesising the results of the E-CRIME project, the consortium researchers have produced three policy briefs, specifically targeted at public sector policy makers. These concise documents present key research results in a format that assists the transfer of facts and knowledge to readers who are time-deficient.


Policy Brief 1: The Costs of Consumer-Facing Cyber Crime in Europe

In an increasingly connected world cyber crime has affected almost everyone, from individual consumers to big companies, at some point in time. The proliferation of online services which require financial transactions, such as online banking and shopping, opens unprecedented opportunities and attracts specialized profit-oriented criminals.

Download Polcy Brief 1 here


Policy Brief 2: Recommendations for Regulatory Innovations

Cyber crime in the European Union (EU) is constantly evolving along multiple dimensions and thus posits fresh, dynamic challenges. This is reflected by new policies and regulatory measures being taken and implemented by EU and Member States’ authorities to tackle growing cyber crimes in non-ICT sectors. This dynamic between the evolving EU cyber crime realities and the legal and policy developments, brings new challenges for EU regulatory authorities and non-ICT sectors; challenges that need to be addressed by exploring new policy and legal measures and innovations that can operate within these changing circumstances.

Download Polcy Brief 2 here


Policy Brief 3: Cross-Sector and Per-Sector Recommendations

The ECRIME project focussed on mapping and mitigating the effects of economic cyber crime in five non-ICT sectors (retail, finance, transport, energy and health) by providing practical recommendations for implementation that will aid in reducing successful cyber attacks, and mitigate/minimise the impact of those that have an impact. These are presented here, divided into sector-neutral recommendations that cut across all sectors, complemented by industry specific recommendations.

Download Polcy Brief 3 here

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