The work undertaken by E-CRIME aimed at having a positive and durable impact on:

  1. Increasing awareness of policy makers
  2. Helping business to provide crime-proofed applications
  3. Increasing the trust and confidence of EU citizens in using cyber applications
  4. Contribution to the impact of the European Union’s security work programme

Increasing the awareness of policy makers

The focus here is to make policy makers aware of: the scale of the cyber crime problem and its most recent developments; its impact on non-ICT sectors within the EU and at different levels of European society; the opportunities, gaps and solutions available for reducing and managing it; and the broad portfolios of sector-specific responses, ranging from risk management, technological development, regulation, best practice, and education and awareness raising measures, which could be adopted.

Increasing the trust and confidence of EU citizens in using cyber applications

E-CRIME contributes towards more trustworthy and confidence-building technologies and best practices. The work of E-CRIME aims to enhance the understanding of key stakeholders in relation to issues of trust and confidence and help them identify sector-specific requirements for the development of crime-proofed applications, trusted by citizens.

Helping business to provide crime-proofed applications

E-CRIME assists businesses, primarily within but not restricted to non-ICT sectors,  in providing crime-proofed applications. The E-CRIME findings are designed to be commercially exploited by European technology companies to support the development and going-to-market of enhanced cyber crime applications and risk management tools.

Contribution to the impact of the European  security work programme

E-CRIME contains explicit reflection upon ethical and fundamental human rights issues involved in cyber crime. Solutions and responses to cyber crime will be evaluated in part by how they support and respect the exercise of fundamental human rights, such as privacy and freedom of expression. Furthermore, the project will contribute towards optimal and concerted use of available and evolving technologies by assessing existing counter cyber crime technology and best practices. Finally, E-CRIME contributes towards the European security programme by: identifying opportunities in reducing the economic and social impact of cyber crime; developing concrete and comprehensive solutions to manage cyber crime; identifying and building a network of stakeholders from diverse economic sectors; and promoting a shared conceptual framework for understanding cyber crime and cyber crime impact.

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